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Fintech in the MENA region

What keeps bankers awake at night?

Jobs of the future in finance: cyborgs, coding and compliance?

Central Bank Digital Currencies: game changer or digital hype? (Wednesday 14 April 2021)

Digital identity: the shape of things to come (17 March 2021)

Embedded finance: the future of financial services? (17 February 2021)

Gender equality in banking and finance - Addressing the pay gap (January 25 2021)

'The cost of a remote work' - An exploration of the impact of remote working and our future way of working (2nd December 2020)

Good investing for the future: ESG for financial advisers (22 October 2020)

Bringing Open Banking to the high street (Thursday 15 October 2020)

Alternative Finance: Is this AltFi's time to shine? (Tuesday 8 September 2020)

After Covid-19: how risk governance needs to change (3 September 2020)

2020 and beyond: the outlook for restructuring is anything but clear (25 August 2020)

Career development and adapting in a Covid-19 environment (Wednesday 23 September 2020)

The Search - Global Startups Tour (5 August 2020)

Thematic Bonds: where next? (16 July 2020)

Bank Crisis Management programme in response to COVID-19 (9 July 2020)

Gender diversity in financial services (1 July 2020)

The payment life cycle (7 July 2020)

Exploring trade-based financial crime (17 June 2020)

Working with documentary credits (10 June 2020)

Are incumbents accelerating digital transformations or do they risk being left behind? (11 June 2020)

How to build engaging credit scorecards in a data lacking environment (24 June 2020)

Key Principles of Trade Finance (3 June 2020)

How to use LinkedIn to raise your profile and grow your career (20th March 2020)

Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Forum (ADSFF) (27 February 2020)

Certificate in Sustainable Finance Reception (8 December 2019)