Accreditation of learning programmes

Are you a banking and finance sector employer, education provider or membership body that provides high quality programmes to your learners?

Achieving one of our types of recognition will give you external, independent acknowledgment of your learning provision. It will also help to increase your programme’s credibility and give your learners extra confidence in the quality and standards of the learning they’re undertaking.
We can provide formal accreditation for learning programmes that are equivalent to our awards. Alternatively, we can confer Programme Status to programmes that do not directly match our awards but provide relevant banking and finance learning.

Our Types of Recognition

We can accredit and recognise programmes developed by other learning providers or internally developed by financial institutions to assure their quality and ensure these are benchmarked to the international educational standards.


We will accredit your learning programme if matches all, or part of, one of our awards. After completing an accredited programme, your learners will be eligible to receive credits towards one of our awards. This will make it easier, quicker and less expensive for them to gain one of our professional qualifications.

MENA Recognised Programme

We provide recognised programme status to initiate the recognition journey for newly-launched programmes. Achieving this status will help you grow your reputation and participant numbers. This form of recognition is ideal preparation for achieving accreditation once your programme is fully established.

Overall, any of the above types of recognition helps to enhance your programmes’ reputation and credibility in the eyes of staff, students, senior management and the wider banking and finance sector.

How it works

If you are interested in achieving recognition for your learning programme, you will need to contact

The process to review your programme is:

  • One of our MENA Office members will get in touch to discuss your programme
  • We will arrange an initial review of your programme and inform you whether recognition is feasible and what type of arrangement we can offer
  • You will be informed of the fees and requirements to achieve recognition
  • If both parties wish to proceed, we will ask you to complete an application form and to send us supporting documentation
  • We undertake a full review of all aspects of the programme and present a proposal to our committee and senior management

Once we’ve agreed to accredit your programme, the recognition usually lasts for three years. We can then renew it if both parties wish to. For MENA Recognised Programmes, the recognition is usually for 12 months and is also renewable by agreement, although you can then apply for accredited status.

We monitor the quality and standards of all the learning programmes that we recognise. To help us do this, you will need to submit an annual report – for which we will provide the template.

The approach is straightforward, robust and designed to enhance the learning programme.

We offer a particular strength in terms of support with quality review and enhancement and adding value both during the initial review process and ongoing programme review and development.

Benefits to you:

  • External, independent recognition from a professional body

  • Use of our Accreditation or MENA Recognised Programme logo and strapline

  • Support from our dedicated teams

  • Expert help with programme development, delivery, assessment and quality assurance policies and procedures

  • Increased credibility to attract more participants

Accredited Programmes

Recognised Programmes

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