Why training providers should get accreditation and recognition

Many excellent training programmes are run by banking and finance employers, education providers and membership bodies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), but are they getting the recognition they deserve?

Kareem Refaay, LIBF’s Regional Director MENA Region, answers questions on Accreditation and tells us how it could help institutions and employees.

What is accreditation?

It will give your learners extra confidence that the learning they’re undertaking is of the highest quality. In the same way, employers and educational establishments will recognise and respect the validity of the training course.

How does the LIBF Accreditation scheme work?

The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) has been qualifying bankers for over 140 years! We are the only professional body with Taught Degree Awarding Powers, and we are incorporated by Royal Charter.  

 We will accredit your learning programme if it matches all, or part of, one of our awards, and you’ll be able to use our Accreditation or MENA Recognised Programme logo and strapline in your communications and marketing materials. 

 Accreditation usually lasts for three years and can be renewed. To help us monitor the quality and standards of your learning programme, you’ll need to submit an annual report.  

 For MENA Recognised Programmes, the recognition is usually for 12 months and is also renewable by agreement. Alternatively, at the end of the 12 months you can apply for accredited status. 

How does accreditation benefit students and learners?

There are so many benefits for students! Confidence in the course, for one. 

 Also, if your programme receives LIBF Accreditation, once they have completed it your learners will receive credits towards one of our qualifications and awards. 

 That means it will be much easier, quicker and less expensive for your students to gain one of our professional qualifications. 

How do you support your accredited and recognised training organisations?

Our expert teams will support you if we accredit or officially recognise your training.  

We’ll review your programme and help you to add value – both at the initial review and ongoing. 

We can help you with the development and delivery of your learning programme, as well as with assessment and quality assurance. That way, we’ll ensure your programme is benchmarked to international educational standards. 

What sort of training programmes are eligible for LIBF Accreditation?

You might be a financial institution who’s created learning and development internally. Or you could be an independent learning provider. Either way if you’re programme may qualify for accreditation. 

What is the difference between LIBF Accreditation and a MENA Recognised Programme?

If you’re launching a programme, you may be eligible for ‘recognised programme status. This will help you grow your reputation as well as interest in the programme, which should increase the number of participants.   

This is the first step to LIBF Accreditation for new programmes. 

How can I get my programme accredited or recognised?

Contact us and we will arrange to review your programme to see what kind of arrangement we can offer.  

Find out more about how to get your programme accredited or recognised.